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Create a healthy environment on your kitchen sink, keep it dry, and prevent the growth of bacteria with this Telescopic Sink Storage Rack!

This kitchen sink rack adopts a humanized movable retractable device.

The size can be freely adjusted to perfectly suit any size of kitchen sink saving your kitchen sink a lot of space.


Designed with a towel rack to avoid the growth of bacteria for a clean and tidy kitchen area!


ADJUSTABLE DESIGNIts adjustable design makes it suitable for various sizes of sinks and can store heavy loads.

Telescopic Sink Storage Rack

VENTILATED DRAINDesigned with evenly distributed drain holes to prevent the growth of bacteria making your kitchen clean and organized.

Telescopic Sink Storage Rack

TOWEL BARIts towel bar allows you to hang and dry kitchen towels avoiding bad odor and bacteria growth.

Telescopic Sink Storage Rack

ORGANIZED KITCHENYou can easily store cleaning utensils, such as dishwashing liquid, hand sanitizer, brush, etc.

Telescopic Sink Storage Rack

CONVENIENT TO USE With its appropriate height and easy-to-grab-anything design, you can conveniently reach or store any of your kitchen utensils!

Telescopic Sink Storage Rack

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL Made from premium PP material for long-lasting durability.


Material: PP

Color: blue, pink, white, gray

Product size:39.5x27x8.5cm


1x Telescopic sink rack


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