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Keep your cat from being bored!

Different ways to play

A funny cat can be played in multiple ways: it can be attached to the ground or held in your hand.

Cat playing mode does not require manual operation, allowing furry friends to have fun.

Hand-held interactive mode to add emotional interaction with cats.


2 INTERACTIVE MODES  – 1. Cat playing mode: insert the cat stick pole into the base and paste the base on the floor or wall.

The swinging feathers will attract the cat’s attention and keep the cat in a busy and excited state.

2. Hand-held funny cat stick interactive mode: Take the funny cat to stick out of the base, teasing the cat with feathers, and enter the state of interacting and playing with the cat.

POWERFUL SUCTION CUP – Cat feather toy with a powerful suction cup.

The suction cup base is 2.67 inches in diameter and can bear a weight of 13 pounds.

It has a strong adsorption force and can be adsorbed on tiles, wood, glass, stainless steel, and marble.

When you snap the base upwards when you can easily take off the base.

CURLED CAT STICK  – It is made of thin steel wire, strong and durable, bendable.

Note: The cat stick in the package is curled up.

Please hold the cat stick when you open the package and use the cat stick.

The two ends of the cat stick spread out the cat stick so as not to hurt people

RINGTONE – Each feather has a bell, and the sound of crisp ears can attract cats.

GOOD DUCTILITY – Convenient to carry and store, play anytime anywhere, watch out for wire popping out when opening.


Material: Feather + Steel Wire + PVC


Length 95cm/37.4″

Rod length: 15cm

Suction cup size: 6.8*4.5cm

Steel Wire length: 75cm

Weight: 70g

Color: Bluebird

🎁It’s a perfect gift for your family!

Package Contains: 1 X Suction Cup Handheld Cat Feather Toys

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