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Get The Perfect Gift For A Dragon Lover

πŸ‰What do Dragons Symbolize?

Dragons hold many meanings from different cultures. Some portray dragons as evil, while others worship the dragon as benevolent creatures. Regardless of their origin, all dragons symbolize wisdom, enlightenment, power, regeneration, nature, luck, nobility, wealth, self-confidence, excellence, strength, and above all else, overwhelming fortune and success.

Dragon is commonly found on ornaments. It is like to perform a dragon dance when you wave your hand with the Dragon Bracelet. The Silver Dragon Bracelet is a gorgeous ornament and at the same time a talisman to bring luck and protection.

Β Be sure to explore our entire collection of dragon bracelets, dragon rings, dragon pendant necklaces, and dragon decorations. Wether it is for yourself, or the perfect gift for a dragon lover in your life, embrace deeper meaning with your dragon jewelry.

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🎁Or make this Large Handmade Stainless Steel Dragon Bracelet the perfect gift for a dragon lover this year.


Metal Type:Β 925 Sterling Silver

Style:Β Vintage

Chain Width: 11 mm (0.43”)

Length: 18 cm (7.1”) / 20 cm (7.9”) / 22 cm (8.7”) /Β 23 cm (9.1”) / 24 cm (9.4”)

Weight: 90 gΒ  / 95 g / 100 g / 103 g / 106 g

Choose the size that is 2cm-2.5cm larger than your wrist for loose fit. Choose the size that is 1cm-1.5cm larger than your wrist for snug fit.


All of our pieces are handmade, and most of them are constructed from 925 sterling silver. It is the quality of our craftsmanship and the unique designs that help us to stand out from the crowd. We are proud to be different.


Customer Reviews

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This dragon bracelet is absolutely stunning! The details are beautiful and it’s not cheap at all. It has a very nice weight to it. The customer service is good. They solved my shipping delay right away and were quick to respond via messenger. I was so happy I just ordered another one and a tiger bracelet as well. I would definitely recommend. Great quality product.

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Just got the 2 bracelets I ordered. As a jeweler I was interested to see the quality and if these bracelets were as beautiful and as pictured. They are! The 7.9” one fit me, so I am giving the smaller one to my daughter. Lovely workmanship.

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Alex Bryce

Unbelievably beautiful and well crafted bracelet. Can’t understate how pleased I am with this beautiful item. Comes we’ll packaged and in a nice wooden box. This bracelet looks and feels like it should have cost 10 times the cost!!!!! Rapid delivery took less than a week to arrive in Ireland . Stunning!!!!!!!!

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This dragon bracelet is Super cool , I❀️ it ! Arrived in a nice box Thank you

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