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Did your glasses break again?

I recommend a silicone eyeglasses non-slip retainer.

When doing homework, exercising, working, and reading the newspaper, the glasses will not slip off the nose.

Soft and comfortable, stylish five-pointed star design, compact and portable.



[Anti-Slip Design]

Effectively prevent your eyeglasses slipping down when you are working, daily wear and outdoor activities, such as basketball, running, climbing and riding. and you don’t feel sore ears.

[High Quality]

It holders retainers are made of good silicone ,soft and flexible, they won’t go yellow or turn solid, with no pressure for ears after using.

[Compact and Portable]

It is small and unobtrusive. 

When you get used to it, sometimes you don’t even feel its existence.

 Fashionable five-pointed star design, and simple installation.

[Widely Used]

They fit almost any pair of eyeglasses, reading glasses, sunglasses. 

It is applicable whether you are a child, an adult, a student, a faculty member or a retired elderly.


Material: Silicone

Product Size: Diameter 14MM

Color: Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Black, Transparent, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Rose Red, Pink, Orange, Brown

Package Includes: A pair Silicone Eyeglasses Non-slip Retainers

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