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😘😘😘The New nail clippers

Mini Foldable Nail Cutter

Mini Foldable Nail Cutter keychain is the perfect gift for anyone on the go.

A solid and durable product with a small size of only 2 inches when folded.

Easy to use and made to fit comfortably in your hand or on your key ring.

This portable product is a great accessory and will help you be prepared for any small or quick toenail or fingernail you need to cut or trim.

Mini Foldable Nail Cutter supplies an assortment of custom keychains.

Our fun and functional keychain accessories are the perfect addition to your keyring, backpack, or emergency travel kit.

Main Features

ULTRA-SLIM DESIGN – When folded, this nail clipper key chain is less than 2 inches long.

It is very lightweight and small and is easy to put with your keys.

MATERIALS Made from stainless steel and very strong. Sleek silver-tone.

EASY TO USE Easy locking mechanism to latch and unlatch.

While folded in the rectangular form it doesn’t have any sharp edges to snatch on anything.

While unfolded it works as a standard pair of toe or fingernail clippers.

PORTABLE USE This mini cutter keychain comes with a ring that is ready to be connected to your keys.

Take it anywhere and always be prepared for the perfect manicure.

Product Specifications

Material: 420 Stainless Steel

Weight: 14g

Size: 40×1.4mm

Package includes

Mini Foldable Nail Cutter with Key Ring x 1


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