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The Paints set is designed to provide from the young to the professional artists with less mess painting supplies that are easier to use than traditional paint sets.

The compact design set fits in the palm of your hand and comes with one refillable paintbrush and your choice of 18, 25, 33 or 42 colors.

Each kit comes with a washable sponge and palette for detailed works of art so you can take it everywhere!

 Great for kids and their crafts, the washable paints are safe and nontoxic.

Enjoy this less-mess alternative!

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Your Paints palette comes with

A refillable paintbrushAdd water to the paintbrush. So no dipping or spilling!

A washable spongeWipe the paintbrush to switch color! The sponge is detachable for easy cleanup.

A reusable paletteMix your colors on the washable palette located in the back of the kit!

Watercolor on-the-goThe compact fan-out design makes it incredibly easy to use for an impromptu painting session!

EXTRA DISCOUNT when buying with Water Brush Set!

High-quality nylon brush – The high-quality nylon brush head ensures that the watercolor brush remains intact and will not be sprayed, scattered, or scratched during use.

Multipurpose watercolor paint – You can draw the finest lines or large colored lines, mix colors and create new shadows.

Very suitable for solid or powder color crayons with watercolor crayons, water-soluble pencils, water-soluble pigments, pigments, pigments.

Easy to clean – Use water to clean after use.

Change your life – No messy watercolor brushes give you peace of mind when painting. No need to deal with messy water bowls and overflow!


18 Colors: 5.9″ L x 2″ W x 0.7″ H

25 Colors: 6.5″ L x 2″ W x 0.7″ H

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