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Slowly bend your back by sitting or walking improperly for long periods of time.

Back bending is not to be ignored!

Quickly use Invisible Back Posture Orthotics, Correct your posture in the shortest possible time.

Perfect shape: Continue to use, gradually return to the normal body, back straight.

Add to your charm, Maybe it will make you a little taller.

Three core strengths:

6 Great ways:  Improve your posture and look more attractive, Use it for a long time, and get rid of the trouble caused by the hunchback.

One-handed elastic band: New design, double elasticity, comfortable experience, double safety; 

Quality flannelette: Exquisite workmanship, comfortable experience, beautiful and fashionable.


Main fabrics:  Imitation leather

Suitable for: Men, women, and child.

Size: S: 18.5*15CM, M/L/XL: 21.5*18.5CM

Color: White/ Black.

Type: 1 Pcs/ 2 Pcs.

Size: S/ M/ L/ XL/ XXL

Weight: 50g.

Size Chart:

S—-Height: 130-160cm / 51.18-62.99inch
Shoulder width: 30-38cm / 11.81-14.96inch
Weight: 15-35KG

M—-Height: 140-180cm / 55.12-70.87inch
Shoulder width: 35-43cm / 13.77-16.93inch
Weight: 35-60KG

L—-Height: 150-190cm / 59.06-74.8inch
Shoulder width: 38-46cm / 14.96-18.11inch
Weight: 60-70KG

XL—-Height: 160-190cm / 62.99-74.8inch
Shoulder width: 40-48cm / 15.75-18.8inch
Weight: 70-85KG

XXL—-Height: 175-190cm / 68.9-74.8inch
Shoulder width: 42-50cm / 16.54-19.69inch
Weight: 85-100KG

Package Include:

1 x Invisible Back Posture Orthotics.

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