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Get rid of foot pain when wearing high heels with these incredible Honeycomb Fabric Forefoot Pads!


These amazingly soft and breathable gel-based metatarsal pads are designed to adapt to the shape of our feet, provide support, mitigate pain, and decrease the pressure due to extended periods of standing.

So you can finally enjoy the day and look confidently comfortable with your shoes on, free from foot pain.


Amazing foot support – Relieves pressure on the ball of your foot and effectively adapts to the shape of your feet while alleviating various foot pain problems.

Fast foot pain relief РSoft and thick pads provide cushioning, support, and reliability across the entire ball of your foot. 

Unigender and one size fit all РPads are moderately thick, conveniently sized, and flexible to stretch and fit most foot sizes. 

Breathable and elastic РMade with a comfortable and stretchable fabric that reduces pressure on the forefoot without slipping and causing sweat. 

Reusable and comfortable РDesigned to stay odor-free all day and are reusable by cleaning with warm water and soap. 

Non-showing foot pads¬†–¬†Conveniently designed to relieve foot pain and reduce pressure but easily hidden under your shoes when worn.¬†


Material: Fabric

Weight: 15g

Color: White / Black / Beige


 Fabric Forefoot Pads x 3 Pairs 

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