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⛳The path of the golf swing takeaway is directly affected by the grip. 

Improve grip control & swing stability to achieve perfect golf swing with Golf Grip Training Aid! 



✅Easy Installation – Golf Grip Training Aid has a fast and simple installation and can fit onto any golf club handle. Simply attach to your golf club from the top of the handle.


✅Suitable for ALL Golf Players Perfect for both beginner or expert golf players as it can let you train for the perfect golf grip to achieve a better golf swing!

✅No More Slicing Stops slicing with better alignment and grip! Allows you to perform consecutive draw/hook shots with consistency and accuracy.


✅Build Your Muscle Memory Golf Grip Training Aid can promote “muscle memory” which allows you, with practice and time, to achieve a perfect grip without assistance.


✅High-Quality Grip Training Aid – Golf Grip Training Aid is an ergonomic handle designed to assist for a perfect grip.You can make the right adjustment according to your hands. Durable and long-lasting grip training aid.



Material: Rubber

Color: Black,Red

Size: 24*3cm

Hand grip size: 26cm


1 * Golf Grip Training Aid

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