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The Strongest Support Handles In The Market Made To Keep Your Family Safe ❤️

Enjoy Zero Drilling or Renovations of any sort! 

As your needs change, reposition the Helping Handle Bar in your home wherever needed. Install and secure it within seconds, by pushing the safety lock switch!

Feel safe in your bathroom and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Reliable Hand To Always Count On

The Strongest suction support handle bar that works on any non-porous flat surface, including tile, glass and metal.

Press the suction cup handle firmly on any flat surface.
With the locking latches, setup the bar properly where needed.
Unlock the latches to move the bar in any room.

Perfect for Elderly and Children

Help maintain balance and enjoy greater peace of mind in the bathroom, shower or near a staircase. Just push down the locking latches and the bar is ready for use!

Its grip keeps it comfortable, while the design helps ensure a firm handhold.


You Deserve to be Safe

said this product is a life saver for elder people who were afraid to use bathrooms due to slippery floors.

People aged 50+ Loved the suction bar as it helps them feel more secure in their home.

agreed this product helps to move heavy materials or furniture when needed.

Due to our viral videos, the Helping Handle Bar is in high demand and we have limited stock available!


Please make sure the area you want to install is very clean and dry for best suction results.

Remember to always check the handles before using them to make sure they are adequately secured.

The support handle can be reinstalled anytime and anywhere. If the pads are smeared with dust or anything else, rinse them with water. After drying, you can reinstall it safely.

Package Included:
1 × Bathroom Auxiliary Handle
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