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 Bring Love and Warmth to Cookies!

Finally, an easy way to prepare the most beautiful and original Christmas cookies in just minutes!

This unique, Christmas Rolling Pin would make a perfect Christmas gift for your wife, mother, friends (women or men), or anyone who loves to bake and loves the magic of Christmas!  

The Christmas Rolling Pin features a lovely pattern and it’s SO easy to use! 

This extraordinary, wooden rolling pin is engraved with your choice of either a beautiful snowflake and deer pattern, doggy bones pattern, or snowflake pattern. 

It’s a MUST-HAVE for every kitchen! 

Made from high-quality, solid maple hardwood!

Rolling pins and rollers make a great gift for any occasion.

Baking with our rolling pins is a perfect way to spend quality time with your whole family this season.

Christmas rolling pins are 35cm wide.

Made from high-qualitysolid maple hardwood which is 100% non-sticky.

This extraordinary, wooden rolling pin is engraved with your choice of 11 different Christmas Designs!


1 cup (220g) unsalted butter.

1 1/3 cups (175g) confectioner’s (icing) sugar.

1 Egg (room temperature).

1.5-3 Teaspoons extract or emulsion (any flavor).

3 1/3 cups (400-425g) all-purpose flour.

How to make embossed christmas cookies with our embossing rolling pin

Cream together butter and sugar.

Add egg and extract and mix well.

Sift together flour and a pinch of salt, and add to the wet mixture little by little until well incorporated.

Roll, emboss and cut cookies into desired shapes, dusting with flour as necessary.

Bake cookies at 200 Celsius for 7-8 minutes until tops appear dry rather than shiny.

The secret is to pre-heat the oven and apply the right amount of pressure on the dough.


Before using, brush it with vegetable oil or olive oil

Wash dry with a brush first, then if needed with water, soap, and dry well before using again!

Do not wash in a dishwasher and try to avoid prolonged contact with water.

Dry it thoroughly and apply a layer of vegetable oil or olive oil (Keep away from direct sunlight).

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