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Make your watch stand out from the rest with the best watch strap!

Designed with a strong magnetic lock and high-quality, waterproof silicone that comes in a range of modish colors.

Promising you a more fashionable look and unique, easy-wearing system.

Simply slide the band on your watch, wear it around your wrist and it will automatically close.

It is quite flexible and can accommodate all wrist sizes, providing you with a position of contentment.

Saving you from fiddling around with buckles and clasps for a perfect fit! 

The band will hold firmly around your wrist and ensure that your watch stays securely in place

Completely breathable and won’t irritate or slip around.

Bringing you the best wearing experience. A must-have watch strap for everyone, especially those who lead an active lifestyle.

Give your watch a stylish and professional look in seconds with this magnetic band!


Stylish Watch Bands

An easy-wearing watch band that comes in a range of modish, solid colors to match up with your everyday outfit.

Give your watch a brand new, personalized look that can fit any occasion and mood.

Easy to Wear

It has a magnetic closure that allows you to wear the band in a flick!

Simply put it around your wrist and the band will automatically close for a perfect fit.

 No more fiddling around with buckles and clasps

Secure Hold

Keep your watch safe and secured with its upgraded silicone material merged with powerful magnetic locks.

The straps hold firmly around your wrist and ensure that your watch stays in place in every movement that you do.

Perfect for those who have an active lifestyle and need a watch strap that won’t fall or slip around their wrist.

Comfortable Fit

The high-quality strap is breathable, lightweight, and soft on your skin, making it ideal for daily wear.

It is completely flexible, providing you with a position of contentment and security.

Snugging perfectly around your wrist and making it look as good as it feels.

Great Compatibility

The band has a wide range of compatibility. Suitable to most apple watch series and sports model editions.

Simply slide the strap on each side of your watch until you hear the click sound to lock for a secured, seamless fit. 

Premium Material

Constructed of high-tensile, waterproof silicone with strong magnetic closure.

It is completely free from any toxic substances that may irritate the skin.

Providing you a perfect watch band partner for fashion, sport, workout, and daily wear.


Material: Silicone

Band Length: 235 mm


1 x iWatch Magnetic Wristband

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